Gotham Knights | How to Escape the Labyrinth

A good majority of the puzzles in Gotham Knights are fairly straightforward, and they won’t impose much stress on the players. Thanks to the AR scanning tool, solving crimes almost becomes more of a hobby than a chore. However, the exception comes with the situation concerning the Court of Owls and their mysterious Labyrinth, from which we must escape. But with the quick wall spikes, spinning metal blades, and flamethrowers in our way, navigating through the area can be challenging. Before you get lost, we’ll show you how to flee from the eerie atmosphere in Case File 5.2 for Gotham Knights.

How to Escape the Labyrinth in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights How to Escape the Labyrinth

Keep in mind that going through the Court of Owls’ Labyrinth will be a non-linear experience. One path might not be the same as the previous run-through if you catch yourself getting cut up by the traps. The only way to escape the Labyrinth is to pass through and evade the traps until you reach the door. Voices will torment you all the way through before arriving at the aforesaid door. And it’s only one door, with its attached hallway stretching outward like a nightmare before a prompt finally appears.

Wall spikes are easy to spot, for both sides of the hallway will extract pointy spears upon approaching them. Simply crouch or slide under them to avoid death. Even if you die, you’ll just respawn at the initial location where you first woke up within the Labyrinth. One cool trick to consider when coming across the wall spikes is to immediately turn around for a new hallway to come into place if you need a new route.

If you run into a trio of spinning blades, reach for an opening between the second and third sets. Wait until you find a window in order to evade any contact then head to the hallway on the right. You’re going to hit a wall here. Wait a second then turn around. The blades have now been replaced with a room containing flamethrowers.

Avoiding the flamethrowers is easier to commit to than the spinning blade. A few careful steps around their target area (which is directly below them) will lead you into the next hallway.

After getting through these traps, you’ll come across a series of visions. A Court of Owls half-circle table, one malfunctioning Bat signal, Alfred’s murder (not a spoiler, just an illusion of the Labyrinth), your heroes’ Owl variants, their inner demons, potential death scenarios, and a disappointed Bruce Wayne can all appear as you make your way to the Labyrinth’s door. This part of Case File 5.2 will continue after you make your escape, leading up to the Owl Head puzzle.

Escaping the Labyrinth is one of those puzzles where the rules are bent in favor of thought-provoking storytelling. The entire scene is meant to emphasize the fear within our heroes and their past traumas. There’s Nightwing’s heartbreaking past, which involves the death of his parents; Red Hood’s PTSD from the Lazarus Pit; Batgirl remembering her late father; Tim Drake’s self-doubt as the new Robin.

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