Gotham Knights | How to Extract A Viable Sample

Cleaning up the streets in Gotham Knights isn’t always about fighting crime with your fists. Even though you have the brawns to do so, in some instances, you need to rely on your brains to piece everything together. Consider Case 3.2, where your objectives are to “Find the Excavator Research” and “Extract a Viable Sample.” If you’re having trouble extracting a viable sample on this mission, we’ll show you how in this guide. So keep reading to find out!

How to Extract A Viable Sample in Gotham Knights

How to Extract A Viable Sample in Gotham Knights

Before you can extract a viable sample in Gotham Knights Case 3.2, you must find and scan the three required samples. The first sample is obtained by scanning the wall with all of the drill holes in it. The second is an orange Ore sample, which is upstairs on a table on the left side of the room. The last one is also an orange Ore sample upstairs on a table, but this time on the right side of the room. A dead giveaway is that both tables the latter two samples are on will have a bright light shining on them.

Once you’ve scanned all the samples, you can begin extracting them. To do that, leave the mine and enter the lab. Now you need to interact with the lab table and start the “extract a viable sample” puzzle. For this puzzle, you need to mark and connect the two correct clues. The first one is the short black core sample on the lab table, below the sheet of paper and to the right of the keyboard and mouse. Mark it (Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox), and then pan all the way to the left to see the test tubes. Then, you’ll want to mark the orange test tube (2nd from the left).

Marking these two clues together will solve the “extract a viable sample” puzzle for Case 3.2. Which you will know you’ve done it correctly because you’ll be taken to a cutscene after connecting the two clues. That’s all there is to it! If this guide helped, be sure to check out our other Gotham Knights guide below: