Gotham Knights | How to Glide

The ability to glide is a critical part of any Batman game. That’s why it’s a big part of Gotham Knights, as well. However, it is a little bit different. In Gotham Knights, you cannot glide immediately. This feels a bit weird compared to a lot of Arkham games, where this ability is a starting option. So, if you’re as confused as we are, you might be wondering when you’re allowed to unlock this ability. We have your back!

How to Glide in Gotham Knights

How to Glide in Gotham Knights

If you want to glide in Gotham Knights, you will have to unlock the ability. To unlock gliding, you’ll have to complete a Knighthood Challenge for each character. You can earn the ability through Timed Strike Training, One Step Ahead, or Against All Odds, then head back to the Belfry to look at Batman’s Cowl. Once you’ve unlocked the ability, you can use it by using the right trigger and can fly straight down with the Circle or B button.

Sadly, you will have to unlock the ability to glide on every character in Gotham Knights. That means you will have to perform the Timed Strike Training, One Step Ahead, or Against All Odds challenges on each character you like.

This isn’t too bad, thankfully. Timed Strike Training is just a tutorial quest that you can bang out. One Step Ahead requires you to stop 10 Crimes. Against All Odds requires you to find 3 Enforcers. We suggest just doing the Training on each character, which is available once you’ve completed enough of the storyline. This will also teach you the combos for each character.

Once you have your ability unlocked by looking at Batman’s hat, you can glide by simply hitting the right trigger. Each hero gets their own unique animation for gliding, but they all use the same physics (or at least, similar enough!).

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