Gotham Knights | How to Locate and Destroy the Bugs

Oswald Cobblepot, better known to many as The Penguin, suspects that someone is spying on him in Gotham Knights. The notorious gangster and “legitimate businessman” begins to worry that surveillance bugs have infiltrated his office at the Iceberg Lounge. But our heroes must solve the case file regarding the infamous villain, which means that we must help Cobblepot locate and destroy three bugs.

How to Locate and Destroy the Bugs in Gotham Knights

How to Locate and Destroy the Bugs in Gotham Knights

As previously mentioned, there are three bugs hiding within Cobblepot’s office. The AR is of no use here. None of the bugs are attached to any highlighted items in the office. Instead, you’ll have to inspect the antiques throughout the area. The three bugs are located at the base of the stone bust, the desk lamp, and the plant behind Cobblepot. Use your AR marking tool to spot these secret devices and enable their navigational icons.

Oswald Cobblepot has several special items sitting around him that could lead us to suspect that a bug might be near. When using AR, these items are highlighted with a purple hue, indicating a level of significance. These bugs are meant to be concealed, which is why they won’t appear on the initial scans.

Upon picking up a device, your character will immediately break it, so that step is taken care of for you. Once you find and crush all three devices, Cobblepot will get serious with you about his incarceration situation. This all plays into Case File 02: The Rabbit Hole, with this part of the mission being referred to as 2.1 – AKA Oswald Cobblepot.

This part of Case File 02 comes to a close, with your hero walking out of the Iceberg Lounge without any interference. The next part of the case will commence, leaving the bugs to gather dirt on the ground.

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