Gotham Knights | How to Perform Perfect Attack

Building up Momentum is essential for the combat in Gotham Knights when it comes to fighting against waves of enemies. Juggling between several foes can quickly stir trouble for your character, with multiple opposing attacks coming from every direction. Even in times of crisis, administering patience while throwing punches is a good way to keep up with a combative flow as you avoid any loss of health. When you have a certain rhythm going, you’ll start to deliver perfect attacks that can increase the intake of Momentum. There are a couple of notes to keep in mind when performing a perfect attack.

How to Perform a Perfect Attack in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights How to Perform a Perfect Attack

To perform a perfect attack, space out your strikes in a smooth fashion without rushing or hesitating. Whenever a strike lands, attack your opponent once more to perfect a combo. If you do it too early, it’ll merely count as a regular punch; wait too long and you’ll miss your beat. You can tell when you’ve successfully executed a perfect attack by referring to the Momentum Ability bar. Small boosts come from normal strikes while more extensive increases are from the aforementioned perfect hits.

Another way to tell if you’ve landed a perfect attack is by witnessing your character’s fancy movements in lieu of the regular stances and techniques. It almost seems like they’re dancing, as if they’ve fine-tuned their combative methods. Heavy attacks can also be mixed in with the standard and light strikes to achieve constant Momentum. Just be sure to keep leveling up so that you can utilize more Momentum on the field.

Additionally, you can visit the training area at the Belfry for some safe practice if you’re not ready to deal with the real mess in Gotham just yet. Go to the training dummies to access the tutorials. Select the Advanced Training section to master expert combat techniques. Choose both Perfect Evade and Timed Strikes to receive the whole walkthrough for perfect attacks.

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