Gotham Knights | Is There New Game Plus?

The Bat Family has stepped up to the plate to serve and protect people in Gotham Knights. Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl each offer their areas of expertise while teaming up to battle the city’s rogues gallery. But once the villains have been dealt with and the story concludes, what more is there to do? In other words, does Gotham Knights have a New Game Plus feature where we can continue to fight crime? Let’s find out!

Does Gotham Knights Have New Game Plus?

Does Gotham Knights Have New Game Plus?

Gotham Knights does include a New Games Plus aspect where players can proceed with their characters’ respective progressions. Initiating New Game Plus will basically restart the narrative while maintaining any individual Knight’s evolution. Since this is essentially Gotham Knights‘ way of advancing the gameplay, enemies will be tougher to fight against. No need to worry, though. The max level cap has been increased from 30 to 40 in favor of the adjusted gameplay.

However, if you’re not ready for New Game Plus, the game won’t automatically boot up the feature for you upon story completion. Instead, you have the freedom to clean up the streets of Gotham at your own pace without the necessity of starting up NG+. This also means that you can finish up any side activities that were left undone.

Additionally, switching between each of the four heroes in the Belfry and beyond can provide further story context. This especially can come in handy if you’re accustomed to using one character over another. For what Gotham Knights has going for it, the narrative is rather enjoyable. Once the job is complete and Gotham is saved (for now, at least), you then access New Games Plus through the main menu. You keep all of your gear and abilities from the previous save file before everything is overwritten.

With the inclusion of New Game Plus in Gotham Knights, we have more news on what the game has to offer!