Gotham Knights Odd Energy Signature | What Does It Mean?

As you travel around the city of Gotham in Gotham Knights, you’ll realize that there is a ton to keep track of. From different caches to crime scenes and everything in between, you’ll have your fill of things to do. That’s why it can be a bit strange when Alfred calls you. His message is that there is some kind of “odd energy signature” around the city of Gotham Knights. This message can come from nowhere, and can come up often during your travels. So, what is Alfred talking about with these strange energy signatures? Let’s figure that out together!

What Does Odd Energy Signature Mean in Gotham Knights?

What Does Odd Energy Signature Mean in Gotham Knights?

The “odd energy signature” or “strange energy signature” message in Gotham Knights comes up when you are near a Talon Cache. These caches unlock upgrades that are normally Easter eggs and costumes that fans of DC comics might recognize. In addition, these caches are full of Nth metal and other important materials. When you get the Energy Signature message, look around for the glowing green sculpture that is typically on the side of a building.

There are five of these caches located around Gotham Knights. They are in the following locations:

  • Southside District, near the Ocran Chemicals facility
  • Financial District, northeast of Blackgate Island
  • Old Gotham in Historic Gotham, south of Gotham City Hall
  • Bowery near the Falcone Residence Tower
  • Gotham Heights, New Gotham within Gotham City University

All of these will come with a quick message from Alfred, so you’ll know when you’re getting close to one of them.

You need all five to get the Talon Suit, and each of them comes with a handful of materials. They aren’t required to farm by any stretch of the imagination, but they are worth checking up on if Alfred talks to you. Or you can just chase them down, if you’re tired of our wonderful butler chatting our ear off about energy signatures.

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