Gotham Knights Owl Head Puzzle | How to Solve

The Court of Owls doesn’t play too kindly to the likes and actions of our heroes in Gotham Knights. Working behind the scenes in Gotham City has its risks, but they didn’t expect the Bat Family to interfere. Because of this, they have ensnared the vigilantes by throwing them into their mysterious Labyrinth. While escaping the Labyrinth acts as another part of Case File 5.2, solving the Owl Head puzzle comes right after it, thus introducing another enigmatic task.

How to Solve the Owl Head Puzzle in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights How to Solve the Owl Head Puzzle

The Owl Head puzzle requires four different plates to be interacted with in a specific order. There are two on the higher platforms where you can grapple, and two on the ground. You’ll be running through all four plates only once for this puzzle, and it follows a particular sequence.

For the room’s sequence, grapple onto the platform above the stairs. Then, jump down to reach the plate on the left. After stepping onto the plate, run to the other one on the ground to the right (near the door where you first came in from the Labyrinth). End this set by grappling onto the opposite platform that isn’t under the stairs. The giant head of the owl will turn toward the stairs, unveiling a door behind a stone wall.

A timer will be going off while you’re attempting to step onto the plates. It’s not a lengthy timer, but it’s also not a short one either. In truth, you’ll have enough time to complete the puzzle without the fear of missing a step.

Keep in mind that the owl’s head will turn each time that you press one of the plates. The camera will focus on the large object for a couple of seconds when this is happening, so your movement might seem a bit off at first. Regardless, you can complete this puzzle in less than 10 seconds; the revealing door will bring you back into the Labyrinth until you come face-to-face with a Talon boss.

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