Gotham Knights Power Stat | What Does It Do?

Regardless of the character you choose in Gotham Knights, the more you progress, the more gear you’ll be shuffling through. That’s because the majority of the superpowers you get come from your equipment, weapon, and the super suit you’re wearing. And you’ve probably noticed that each one can have multiple stats, such as damage, elemental, and even a power stat. This can make deciding on the best piece of equipment challenging. That’s why this guide will explain what the power stat does for your gear, so you can always sport the best equipment available.

What Does the Power Stat Do in Gotham Knights?

What Does the Power Stat Do in Gotham Knights

The developers haven’t explicitly stated what the power stat’s function relates to, but from what we can gather, this is what it seems to be pointing to. Essentially, your equipment’s overall stats are represented by the power level accompanying it. So, the higher the power level stat is, the better the item is.

For instance, you can obtain items of the same level or rarity as others, but they will only have their base damage stats and no perks. These will have a lower power level stat compared to an item of the same level or rarity that also has a perk, mod, or elemental stat equipped with it.

However, you’ve probably noticed some items have higher damage but lower power stats than others. That’s most likely because the item with the higher power level has a mod or elemental perk equipped to it, boosting its overall power stat. In this case, you’ll actually want to take the item with higher damage stats, rather than power stats. That’s because when you find equivalent mods or perks to equip to the weapon with higher damage, equipping them will also boosts its power level stat. The higher damage will also boost the item’s power level.

So, to recap, the majority of the time you want to choose the item with the highest power level. However, if an item has higher damage but a lower power level stat than others, you might want to take it. That’s because you can equip mods, perks, and elemental features to it that will boost its power level.

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