Gotham Knights Shinobi Suits | How to Unlock

Pursuing the art of the ninja is enticing in any video game that allows you to do so. And what do you know! Gotham Knights is one of those games! The game’s suits look great, but they’re also critical to endgame stat building for any character that you can give the suit to. And, if that wasn’t enough, there is even a quest for this Japanese-styled equipment! However, these suits are quite rare. You’re going to need to farm them if you want them! Let’s see where to look.

How to Unlock Shinobi Suits in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Shinobi Suits

Like any suit in Gotham Knights, Shinobi Suits are unlocked through farming blueprints. However, this suit style is a late-game addition to the game, and will not show up often until you hit the late game. There is a challenge specifically for this item, called “Shinobi Suit Style,” which is a good notification that you can craft the suit. Once you get a blueprint for the Suit, you’ll just need the materials and you can craft it for any hero that you’d like.

These suits are modeled after Japanese styles of armor and clothing. It’s a pretty armor style, and comes with very acceptable stats!

That’s… Mostly because it is an endgame suit style, though. You won’t be able to find this until you’re almost done with the game. At those levels, most armor styles have great stats!

If you want to farm this suit out, you’ll need to get Blueprints. Sadly, there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever find a specific style of suit. You’ll need to work through crime scenes, the Secret Caches, and use modchips if you want the best chance at finding the Shinobi Suit blueprint. You’ll want to farm Very Hard difficulty challenges, too!

Thankfully, once you unlock it the first time, you’ll be able to make the cosmetic. This type of suit style won’t give statistic benefits, but will let you look like a ninja!

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