Gotham Knights Smoke Bomb | How to Use

Batman has provided the necessary tools for his protégés to utilize in Gotham Knights for a variety of scenarios. Complex gizmos, traversal equipment, and defensive mechanisms can all be a part of your arsenal, as long as you know how to access them. In particular, a smoke bomb is an excellent gadget that can get you out of a sticky situation when fighting against Gotham’s goons. Even though players technically already have them at their disposal, the game doesn’t outright inform them on how to use the smoke bombs.

How to Use a Smoke Bomb in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights How to Use a Smoke Bomb

Smoke bombs are available as soon as you venture out into the streets of Gotham City. While in combat, look for a higher platform then grapple away from the trouble when the grapple icon appears — a smoke bomb will automatically deploy. Xbox controllers use LB, PlayStation controllers for L1, and PC players for whichever key they’ve assigned their grapple to. Hold down the button, and your hero will swiftly flee the scene, leaving your enemies lost and confused.

Keep in mind, the smoke bomb usage is limited, much like the health packs in the game that require a refill. If you’re out of bombs (and health packs, for that matter), head back to the Belfry for a resupply run.

While you’re at the Belfry, you may want to check out the Training Area where the boxing and Wing Chun dummies are located. Not only will you find complete tutorials for nearly every combative aspect of Gotham Knights, but there’s a training module specifically for smoke bombs. It’ll be under the Basic Training section if you’re looking for a proper way of handling the stealthy tool.

As a side note, the smoke bomb gadget isn’t upgradeable. While you can apply upgrades for other gear, the smoke bombs remain untouched. That means you’ll have to frequently visit the Belfry if you have a trigger finger for distributing getaway smoke during a fight.

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