Gotham Knights Talon Suit | How to Unlock

A good majority of the suits in Gotham Knights will be rewarded to players who progress through the game. That isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to the Talon suit, though. Named after the deadly antagonist from the comic books, the Talon suit is obtainable by locating five distinctive sites that won’t show up on your AR. Of course, this means that they won’t pop up on your map; luckily, we know just where to find them.

How to Unlock the Talon Suit in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights How to Unlock the Talon Suit

To unlock the Talon suit, find and interact with the five hidden stone murals in Gotham. The five locations are spread throughout the city, stretching across multiple districts that will require extensive travel. That is unless you have fast travel and gliding abilities unlocked, then you’ll be golden. Regardless, be ready to do a lot of moving around when searching for the Talon sites.

Each site is a stone mural with green highlights, depicting a chapter from Gotham’s history. As previously mentioned, they won’t show up on your AR scans, but their green hue will appear once you begin to approach them. When you see one, walk up to the site and then interact with it. A secret compartment containing one of the five Talon pieces will open for you to retrieve.

Stone Mural Locations

The sites can be discovered in any order. Here are the five Talon stone murals:

  • Near Ocran Chemicals to the northwest up against a building. Stay close to the green lights for visual reference. Go to your map and navigate downward till you hit the Southside section of the Lower Gotham district.
  • Head to the bottom level of the Elliot Center in the Financial District at Downtown Gotham. It’ll be in one of the stone murals with a man showing a couple of citizens a view of Gotham City. There’s also a Court member behind them in the artwork.
  • In the Historic Gotham district within the Old Gotham area. It’s behind Gotham City Hall against the opposite wall.
  • Between the Bowery and Otisburg areas in New Gotham. Position yourself in the middle of Scituate Street and Berger Avenue then look toward the Falcone Residence building. The stone mural will be under the Falcone Residence name.
  • In North Gotham of the Gotham Heights area, head to Gotham City University. Make your way to the southern courtyard of the campus. The site is next to the Fradon Hall classrooms, in the outdoor hallways on the south wall.

The Talon suit is available to all heroes once it’s unlocked as a Transmog. You won’t need to repeat the process with each character if you want to apply the style to the whole team. To equip the Talon suit, head over to the Styles section within the Gear tab from the Batcomputer to view your Transmogs.

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