Gotham Knights Transmog | How to Unlock

Gotham Knights feature a wide variety of customizable options for your heroes. You can switch up the style of the Bat symbol, swap different pairs of gloves and boots, and apply unique colorways. Fans of the comic books will be quick to point out the accurate Bat suits in the game, which they can equip as long as they have unlocked them. Notably, this comes in the form of a Transmog application, a mechanic that can change your overall look without committing to different stats in Gotham Knights.

How to Unlock Transmog in Gotham Knights

How to Unlock Transmog in Gotham Knights

A Transmog basically replaces your current look with a new one without switching over any statistics. It’s purely for show and for fans that prefer to wear one suit over another. To unlock a fresh Transmog, you’ll need to either craft or acquire new suits throughout your gameplay. You get new suits just by accomplishing objectives and progressing through the story. Obtaining a suit will ultimately allow the Transmog option to appear.

To view your Transmogs, select the Styles section within the Gear tab from the Batcomputer. You should see 13 options to choose from, with the first acting as the base for switching out individual parts.

Keep in mind that Transmog suits cannot be customized. Once you apply, your style will completely shift while maintaining the previous suit’s stats. Of course, you can always use the revert option if you end up changing your mind.

To check on your Transmog acquisition, head over to the Crafting section under the Challenges tab in the Batcomputer. These are fairly simple to abide by, with the instructions briefly stating to craft certain styles. You can see what’s available to you by going to the Crafting area under the Gear tab.

Here, you’ll find your Blueprints for any Suit to assemble. Whenever you’re about to craft, be sure to look at the style and colorways that are being offered. It’ll be under the attribute information. Also, ensure you have enough Salvage to spend when making a new suit for yourself. Some will require more than two components, so stack up on any parts if you’re building a new suit altogether.

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