Gotham Knights | Where to Search for Clues in the Vault

Being a superhero in Gotham Knights comes with a fair amount of detective work, such as uncovering your own clues. And if you’ve just infiltrated Mr. Freeze’s Quartz Lab vault, you’ll need to start scanning for clues to what happened. However, the clues you have to search for in the vault are pretty well hidden. Which can make this rather easy mission somewhat difficult. That’s why in this guide we’ll show you where to search for the clues in the vault. So read on to find out!

Where to Search for Clues in the Vault in Gotham Knights

Where to Search for Clues in the Vault in Gotham Knights

There are three specific clues you need to search for in the vault: a Destroyed Blueprint, a Notepad, and a Dictaphone. To start, scan the frozen scientist in the back left corner, who’s pretty hard to miss. Although this doesn’t count for the three clues you need to find, it will make it so the clues highlight gold when you look at them. He’s also a dead giveaway for all three of the clues.

The first clue is a notepad, and it’s on the floor directly to the left of the frozen scientist. This is the first clue you need to scan, and it’s often easy to overlook since there’s a frozen guy that’s more of the focus. Then, in the same room where the scientist is frozen, look directly to the left of him and up, and you’ll see a destroyed blueprint on the wall above the desk. It should be highlighted gold when you look at it. This is the second clue you’ll need to scan.

The last clue is also in the same room the frozen scientist is in. Look directly to the right of him at the desk in the corner. Not the desk that had the blueprint above it, but the one in the opposite corner of the room. On the corner of that desk, will be a Dictaphone, the third and last clue you need to scan to complete the mission.

There you have it, that’s where to search for all the clues in Mr. Freeze’s Quartz Lab vault. If this guide helped, be sure to check out our other Gotham Knights guides below: