Gran Turismo 7 Developers Give Players Free Credits

After a turbulent week or so following an unpopular update, it seems Gran Turismo 7 is making amends. In a new statement from developer Polyphony Digital, players will receive one million free credits as compensation. That’s on top of an overhaul to the controversial rewards system that caused such fan uproar in the past few days. Read on to learn all about the impending changes to Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7 Gifting Players Credits, Updating Rewards

Gran Turismo 7

Yes, in a statement from developer Polyphony Digital, President Kazunori Yamauchi outlined how they’ll be changing the game. That’s mostly focused on updates to race rewards, both offline and online, as well as adding some new races.

However, the biggest draw to players will be a free gift of one million credits. Available to any players who log on between March 25 and April 25, it’s practically a supercar free of charge. Equally, it’ll increase the prize fund of high-end World Circuit races by an average of 100%. That comes after the previous update drastically reduced the rewards, thus encouraging players to spend real money on in-game credit packs.

It was unsurprisingly hugely unpopular with the community, forcing them to grind out high-yield races rather than playing the ones they want to. However, this new update increases rewards across the board – though it doesn’t seem that they’ll return to pre-update levels.

Another exciting addition is the introduction of new endurance races, taking around one hour to complete each. No news yet on what they are, but expect classic tracks like Le Mans to appear. They also outlined another update down the line, which will add even more endurance races, online time trials, and the ability to sell cars. That was promised in pre-release marketing, so seeing it arrive is good news.

Overall, it’s a good development for Gran Turismo 7 after the microtransaction fiasco of the past few days. It may not restore goodwill to previous levels, but it’s a sign that Polyphony is taking fan feedback seriously.