Grounded Ant Mandibles | How to Get

Most of the time in Grounded, if you want to unlock or obtain a specific item, you must first kill a certain bug type. That is also true for Ant Mandibles, whether you require Black Ant or Red Ant Mandibles. The good news is that both of these ant types aren’t the fiercest opponents in the game. Even better, there are a few locations where you can find them. Both of which we’ll show you in this guide to get either Ant Mandibles.

How to Get Red and Black Ant Mandibles in Grounded

How to Get Red and Black Ant Mandibles in Grounded

To get Red and Black Ant Mandibles in Grounded, you need to kill either Red or Black Ants. You get the Mandibles by harvesting their body after killing them. Then you just need to scan the Red or Black Ant Mandibles in the field Analyzer to unlock their recipes for crafting. Now that you know how that works, you just need to know where to find and how to kill Red and Black Ants.

You can find Black Ant Hills in the Southeastern area of the Backyard. You can find entrances to their colonies in both the Trash Head and Sandbox biomes. You’ll need a Gas Mask for the Trash Head because it’s surrounded by toxic gas. You can only reach the Sandbox biome by using the Zipline on the picnic table and it’s best done at night. That’s because the Sandbox has a Sizzle effect, which slowly burns and damages you. You can also combat this during the day by wearing Antlion Armor.

The Red Ant, more specifically known as the Red Soldier Ant, can be found at the Red Anthill. This is located near the border of the Central Grasslands and Haze. It’s a pretty large Anthill, the second largest in the game, so it’s difficult to miss. In this underground cave biome, you’ll find Red Worker and Solider Ants. Both these ant types you’ll come across can be easily killed with most weapons. But they are specifically prone to stabbing weapons, over chopping or slashing, and with that, spicy weapon effects.

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