Grounded BBQ Spill Location | Where to Find

The world of Grounded is full of great spots to explore, and the BBQ Spill is no exception. This location has an environmental impact, as the sizzling coals from its surroundings can actually deal damage if you linger in them for too long. Equally, there are some resource exclusive to this biome that you won’t find anywhere else. To grab those and explore even more, we’ve got details on the Grounded BBQ Spill location.

Where to Find BBQ Spill in Grounded

Where to Find BBQ Spill in Grounded

The BBQ Spill in Grounded is found in the upper yard. Since it’s such a small biome, it can be hard to miss. Look out for a tipped barbecue with coals spewing out.

Since a lot of the yard is covered in green grass, the BBQ Spill stands out thanks to the white ash it emits. Once you find that ash, it’s easy to see exactly where the BBQ Spill is located.

It’s a very unique spot due to the damage you can take from standing in the ash for too long, which is slightly reduced if you wear armor. However, it’s an area where you’ll definitely need to be careful. It does contain some exclusive loot, though. Namely, you can only find the EverChar Coal Chunk in the BBQ Spill. If you want it for crafting or simply as a token of how well you’ve explored the Grounded map, you know where to find it.

However, there aren’t any elusive quests or NPCs located at the BBQ Spill. Instead, it’s a fun location of interest that adds some variety to the yard’s terrain. It may not shake up your experience, but it’s another cool reminder that you’re a tiny player shrunk in a real-size world. Now just be careful not to burn yourself on the embers!