Grounded Black Ant Hill Locations | Where to Find

Obsidian’s popular survival game Grounded recently received a major update with the Hot and Hazy patch added on October 20. With it came a new area to explore, Black Ant Hills. So, where are they located and how can you find them? Read on and we’ll tell you!

Where to Find Black Ant Hills in Grounded

Grounded Ant Hill

You can find Black Ant Hills in the Southeastern area of the Backyard. There are entrances to these new locations in both the Trash Heap and Sandbox biomes. These areas are especially dangerous, as both of them have constant environmental hazards.

You can only reach the Black Ant Hill in the Sandbox biome by using the zipline on the picnic table. This area has the Sizzle effect, which intensifies the longer you stand in the sunlight and is indicated by a bar that slowly fills. If this bar gets full, it will slow you down and eventually kill you.

For a better chance of survival in this biome, you can either travel at night or you can eat a Quesadillantlion which grants the Sizzle Protection effect. Conversely, you can also have the Antlion Armor equipped, which also gives you this protection.

The other Black Ant Hill location that can be found is at the Trash Heap, behind the Sandbox. This biome has rotten food and Meaty Gnats that produce a toxic gas. You will need to have a Gas Mask equipped to even reach the entrance to the ant hill, much less survive here.

If you manage to find your way into a Black Ant Hill, you can fight your way deep enough into it to eventually reach the Ominent Black Ant Hill Lab. Keep in mind, you will need an explosive to get access to the first section of the lab. As you fight your way through this area, you will encounter an Assistant Manager miniboss at the end. It will drop a keycard that will give you access to loot the Black Ant Hill BURG.L chip.

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