Grounded Dandelion Tuft | How to Use

Due to our tiny stature in Grounded, we frequently find ourselves in high places, which can be challenging to descend from. Even jumping off the Picnic Table or Porch Ledge can be fatal at this size. So, instead of parkouring your way down, you can just use Dandelion Tuft, which functions somewhat like a glider in the game, to simply float down. And in this guide, we’ll show you how to get and use Dandelion Tuft. So read on to find out how!

How to Use the Dandelion Tuft in Grounded

How to Use the Dandelion Tuft in Grounded

Before you can learn how to use Dandelion Tuft in Grounded, you need to acquire the item. You can get it by cutting down Dandelions with a level one axe. After doing so, the Dandelion Tuft should fall to the ground along with everything else. You can find Dandelions just about anywhere on the map, so it shouldn’t take long before you come across one.

Now that you have Dandelion Tuft in you’re inventory, you need to equip it in your glider slot on the right-hand side of your screen. Now it’s all about taking a leap of faith from a daring height. Once you do, you will need to activate the Dandelion Tuft by holding left shift on PC, or if you’re A if you’re playing on an Xbox Console. This will allow you to safely fall to the ground, but it doesn’t last forever.

You’ll notice when you are gliding, a bar labeled “Hangtime” will pop up above you. This is how much hangtime you have to safely glide down until the Dandelion Tuft gives in. This also act’s as the item’s durability and won’t regenerate. So if you’re hangtime is getting low, it might be time to grab a fresh one.

However, if you’ve got the skill, you can activate and deactivate the glider in the air. This will allow you to fall a short distance before the Tuft is activated to catch you. However, because it’s so easy to mess up, we only advise trying it if you’re running low on hangtime and it’s your last resort.

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