Grounded Flower Petals | Where to Find

Flower petals are required to create the Mint Mace or Ladybug Armor in Grounded. Evidently, the majority of players require them for one or the other. You can, however, use them build a Lure Trap, Lure Arrows, or even one of the Pollen or Pebblet Turrets for home defense. No matter which of these you want to make, you’ll need flower petals to do so. The good news is that they’re a common resource that can be found quite easily. Want to know where you can find them? Keep reading to find out!

Where to Find Flower Petals in Grounded

Where to Find Flower Petals in Grounded

You can find Flower Petals in Grounded on the northeastern side of the map. Specifically, they’re located to the right of the large oak tree, in front of the stone ledge that borders the pond. If you can’t find them, go to the oak tree for some high ground. The flowers you’re looking for are roses, and their red petals will be easy to spot from a high vantage point. Once you’ve found the roses, walk over to them, and directly beneath them and petals will have fallen to the ground, which you can then pick up.

Although flower petals are relatively easy to come by, you must still be prepared for danger. In this area, keep an eye out for Orb Weaver Spiders and Ladybugs. However, because flower petals are used in the Ladybug Chestplate and Ladybug Shin Guards armor, you might as well kill two birds with one stone, and kill the Ladybugs in the area as well. You will need a total of nine Ladybug Parts to make both of those armor pieces mentioned.

It’s good to note that the color of the flower petals can be red or blue. These are not two different types that have applications for different items, simply just two different colors. So when it comes to crafting, both work the same and you’ll want to scavenge both.

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