Grounded Gnat Locations | Where to Find

Gnats are one of the most valuable insects to interact with in the Backyard for Grounded. The buzzing critters can provide the shrunken teens with gnat fuzz, a vital resource that’s needed for the Sprig Bow and Gas Mask. Both of which are essential for your survival and battles against the other bugs. Veteran players probably already know how to eliminate them, but newcomers might need some tips on how to proceed. They’re not difficult by any means, yet initial encounters might prove to be rather annoying. Here’s where to find and kill gnats in Grounded.

Where to Find Gnats in Grounded

Where to Find Gnats in Grounded

Buzzing gnats are located among the Flooded Zone biomes, which are both on the east and west sides of the backyard. Although they do appear throughout several areas, you can find a copious amount of them around puddles of water. However, if you need more promising locations, there are two that you can rely on. The general Grasslands biomes and the source at the Oak Tree will offer plenty of gnats in sight. You’ll see them swarm with several of their brethren.

How to Kill a Gnat

To kill these flying bugs, you’ll need to adjust yourself to higher ground by utilizing any grass, wood, large items, or anything sturdy in structure to give you a boost. You can casually approach them if they’re close since gnats have a tendency to fly right next to you. Even though they’ll bump you with their figure, they’re completely harmless. In fact, if you strike a gnat with any weapon of your choosing, retaliation won’t come into play. A couple of swings will bring them to their doom. Once slaughtered, loot their corpses to recover gnat fuzz and raw gnat meat.

Of course, killing more gnats won’t cause any issues on your end. Just ensure that you have a sufficient supply of gnat fuzz on you when you return to base. As aforementioned, gnat fuzz is an ingredient for both the Sprig Bow and Gas Mask. Spring Bow is one of your beginning ranged weapons, and you can arm these with arrows from your arsenal. The Gas Mask will protect you from the deadly haze that plagues parts of the Backyard. Here’s how you can assemble them:

Spring Bow

  • 4 Gnat Fuzz
  • 3 Sprig
  • 2 Crude Rope

Gas Mask

  • 4 Gnat Fuzz
  • 2 Crude Rope
  • 1 Stinkbug Part
  • 1 Weevil Nose

Grounded How to Kill Gnats

In addition to the gnat locations and how to kill them, they can also be tamed. To do so, toss any spoiled meat into your Grinder to generate the Spoiled Meat Slurry. You can then place it on the ground near a gnat, and they’ll soon head toward the dirty meal. Once tamed, you’ll receive the Gnat Friend bonus, which enhances the Dandelion Tuft’s gliding distance. It’s quite helpful if you’re currently traversing the trees or any spot with extreme heights.

We hope these tips will provide great assistance in your Backyard adventure in Grounded! We have more guides right here if you’re looking for more content: