Grounded | How to Repair Weapons and Armor

Grounded 1.0 reintroduces its miniaturized adventure with polished mechanics and a fully fleshed-out narrative. Still, this is a game largely about exploration. And when it comes to reaching certain areas in the Backyard, it’s important to upkeep our equipment through repairs and upgrades. After all, we are up against a multitude of vicious bugs. Here’s what you need to find and specific directions on how repair your essential weapons and armor.

How to Repair Weapons and Armor in Grounded

How to Repair Weapons and Armor in Grounded

You can repair your gear by accessing your inventory and highlighting your chosen piece of equipment. Depending on the condition, the game will inform you on which ingredients you’ll need in order to fix up the damage. Each weapon, tool, and armor set will come with its own designated resources, so be sure to have extra resources stashed in a safe place. Any broken piece of armor will be sent back to your inventory, as well as any debilitated weapons.

The arrival of Grounded 1.0 enhances the upgrade system by making a few notable changes for players to be aware of. Firstly, the Stones of Toughness and Rocks of Style resources have been renamed to Quartzite and Marble, respectively. Tough Nuggets and Style Nuggets are now called Quartzite Shards and Marble Shards, as well. Secondly, the acquired aforementioned resources must undergo a supplemental step to transform into whetstones and armor plating. This provides several routes for you to choose from as you upgrade your gear via the Smithing Station.

If you’ve already progressed your favorite equipment to tier 2, 1.0 establishes tier 3 to enhance your chances of survival. You can find the appropriate recipes under the Upgrades section, located within the Material Resources category at the Workbench. It’s the same area where you can find the Brittle and Sturdy variants. These new items are Supreme Whetstone and Supreme Plating, which ultimately initiate +9 for tier 3. Here are the recipes for the two upgrades:

Supreme Whetstone (III)

  • 1 Sap
  • 1 Black Ox Horn

Supreme Plating (III)

  • 1 Sap
  • 1 Ladybird Shell

With these notes in mind, you might want to also check out all of the new tools and armor sets. As you might have assumed, tier 3 equipment is pretty crucial to obtain when going up against the new insects. Now is the time to experiment with the different instruments of offense and defense before you muster up the courage to fight the merciless Orchid Mantis.

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