Grounded | How to Tame Bugs

It is now possible to tame bugs in Grounded thanks to the game’s latest update. Not all bugs can be tamed, of course, but Weevils and Aphids are happy to be your friend. So, if you want a pet bug, stick around and check out our guide on how to tame bugs!

How to Tame Bugs in Grounded

How to tame bugs in Grounded

The method used to tame bugs in Grounded is relatively simple: Just feed them with Slurries. Generally speaking, a couple of Slurries is enough to tame a bug, but sometimes it takes a few extra. Different bugs might like different kinds of Slurry, too, so you might want to try out a different types. Once the insect is happy about the snacks you provided, they will become domesticated and ready to be deposited in petto houses.

In order to deposit your tamed bugs, you must have a pet house, obviously. The more pets you have, the more pet houses you’ll need. To unlock a Pet House Recipe, you first need to Analyze Mushroom Brick. Pet Houses are defined in the game as “A funky little shack to house a pet and track their stats.”

When it comes to taming, you are going to need Slurries. You can make these by using the Grinder, another new addition from the Doom and Shroom update. Simply place plant fiber and mushrooms in it to get Plant Slurries and Mushroom Slurries in return. Once you find the bug you want to tame, such as a Weevil, drop two Mushroom Slurries in front of it. It helps to make sure that there are no other bugs around first.

Once you’ve tamed a bug, you can build a house for it with these items:

  • Weed Stem x 2
  • Acorn Shell x 1
  • Mushroom Brick x 4
  • Crow Feather Piece x 2

So far, players can only turn Weevils and Aphids into pets. Weevils prefer Mushroom Slurries, while Aphids like Plant Slurries better. That should be all that you need to tame bugs in Grounded. It is a simple process and should be easy enough for you to accomplish with little effort.

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