Grounded Koi Armor - Where to Find

Grounded Koi Armor | Where to Find

Surviving in Grounded means living off the land. Fortunately, the game’s map is littered with different objects and creatures that can help you on your way. Among the game’s equipment and creatures is the koi fish, meaning smart players can create Koi Fish Armor. Where can you find Koi Armor, and what do you need to craft it?

Where to Find Koi Fish Armor in Grounded

Where to find Koi Fish Armor in Grounded

To get Koi Fish Armor in Grounded, you’ll need to locate some koi fish. Killing these creatures will drop scales are used to craft the Koi Armor. They haven’t been introduced into the game yet, but these fish will likely appear in the pond north of the Oak Tree.

The Koi Fish Armor is comprised of three parts: Helmet, Chestplate, and Greaves. To craft them all, you’ll need a total of 10 Koi Fish Scales. You’ll also need some other aquatic items including seven Eelgrass Strand, seven Lilypad Wax, one diving mask, and a set of flippers.

According to data miners, the Koi Helmet will provide the Veteran Diver bonus. Keeping with the theme, the Koi Greaves will provide a boost to your Swim Speed. We haven’t yet determined what the full set bonus is, but we’ll be sure to let you know when we find out.

The latest update to Grounded was released on August 26, and it offers several new items of interest. The patch notably includes several new water-based features and enemies, including the new Water Flea. This update also introduced perks called Mutations, which can be used to bolster your strength, damage output, and more.

If you want to find Koi Armor in Grounded, you’re going to have to get wet. Seek out the pond north of the Oak Tree and look for koi fish in the area. Kill them, claim their scales, and you’ll be able to start crafting the armor at the Workbench.