Grounded Level Cap | What Is Max Level?

Grounded is just about to come out! The full release of this fantastic survival game promises to bring pint-sized action to players on PC and Xbox, and we’re excited to see how far the game has come! The early access period has been a sight. For players who are looking to start the game, you might be interested in how much content you have going for you. What’s the level cap in Grounded, if there are levels? What will you need to do to best reach the cap? This guide will go over all we know before the full release of Grounded!

What Is the Max Level Cap in Grounded?

Grounded Level Cap

There is no standard level cap in Grounded, but there are levels to weapons, armor and, mutations. Weapons and armor each cap out at level 9, and Mutation slots improve to five with enough Milk Molars. Most Mutations that you unlock have three perk levels that are achievement-driven.

There is no standard experience system in Grounded. You simply unlock perks over time and purchase others using Raw Science. You will not have to worry about grinding to reach maximum level.

But don’t worry; there’s going to be plenty of grinding! Tough Nuggets are needed for weapons to get them to level 5. These upgrades boost the damage and durability of a weapon. Then, each weapon has one Mighty and three Elemental paths to follow that require Globs and Jewels. These upgrades boost your equipment to level 9. Getting a good spread of elemental damage is a good idea for anyone looking to explore the backyard.

Similar to weapons, armor is leveled to 5 using Style Nuggets. Then, you can choose either Bulky or Sleek, which will improve your armor to level 9. We suggest always choosing Sleek. Bulky will keep you safe, but Sleek boosts your damage significantly.

Mutations are a bit different. They all have their own unlock conditions, such as defeating creatures with a specific weapon or activating Perfect Blocks. Over time, almost all Mutations will get to rank 3, as long as you follow their upgrade path. You can have two mutations to start, but more will require Milk Molars.