Grounded Lint Locations | Where to Find

Grounded is a world – well, a backyard – full of opportunities. You have a lot to collect, craft, and climb, so getting out there can get overwhelming. Especially when some of the items are needed for critical crafting recipes! The locations for lint are some of the more important farming spots to find in Grounded. Lint is a pretty major upgrade point, so you’re going to need to find it at some point. Let’s find out where it is so we can collect it!

Where to Find Lint Locations in Grounded

Where to Find Lint Locations in Grounded

Lint locations are near the Shed, in the surrounding areas, and the Undershed. The best place to farm this resources is the Undershed, within the lint clumps in the pink insulation. You can also find it on the doormat of the shed or within the gardening glove in the trench area of the shed surroundings. You have to use a level 3 axe to gather this, but it is used for  Lint Rope, which is put into a lot of mid-game weapons and armor.

You’ll only be able to farm lint around the Shed area. The Undershed is the best point to gather lint, but it has a ton of deadly enemies. It’s designed to be an endgame area, so you might need to go for the Doormat and Glove to gather your first few batches.

Lint can only be crafted into lint rope. You need 2 lint and a spinning wheel to make it. Then, you can use Lint Rope to craft a ton of different weapons and armor, such as the Scythe of Blossoms m the Black Ox Crossbow, and the Fire Ant set. You’ll likely need between 20-30 lint to make good gear for your level… Which will take quite a few nodes. Get used to farming the glove and doormat for this tier of weapons and armor!

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