Grounded Mantis Location | Where to Find

The Grounded 1.0 Patch is as impressive as we were hoping for! There is a great amount of content to work through if you’re looking to clear the backyard entirely. And the new Shed endgame is exactly the kind of itch we were hoping the scratch! That being said, there are a few steps to the process that could use a bit more explanation. For instance, if you’re looking to fight the Orchid Mantis in Grounded, you might be looking for some guidance. The game’s not great at just guiding you right to its lair, after all. If you’re wanting that helping hand, you’ve come to the perfect place!

Where to Find the Orchid Mantis in Grounded

Where to Find the Orchid Mantis in Grounded

The Orchid Mantis in Grounded is an endgame boss found in the orchid pot on the shed porch. You can get in there by climbing a broken hose leaning on the pot. However, you’ll need an Orchid Mantis Kebab to summon the creature. You can find this recipe in the Stump Lab Outpost, which will require the death of the Assistant Manager. You’ll also need to kill the Broodmother boss in order to make the Kebab in the first place.

You’re going to need a ton of bosses under your belt to take on the Mantis! First, you’ll need to slam through the Manager, which is found in the Black Anthill Lab. This’ll let you get into the Stump Lab Outpost, which is found in the stump in the Upper Grasslands. You’ll need to access the Koi Pond outpost to get in here, though!

Then, you’ll need a Hedge Broodmother or two under your belt. This is in the burrow of the Hedge, next to the Frisbee.

Craft the Kebab with 5 Chanks, 2 Fire Ant Heads, and 1 Wooden Splinter. Then, you can crack the Mantis as soon as you climb into the Pot. Be careful, though! This thing is a rough fight. Bring Beefy Smoothies and practice your perfect blocks, though you’ll have to dodge its slam and intense combo attacks if you want to survive.

Killing this buddy unlocks the Assassin’s Gear and Scythe of Blossoms, some great late-game crit gear.

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