Grounded Milk Molar Locations | Where to Find

Grounded is getting hot, hot, hot! With the new Hot and Hazy update, you’re going to want to get back in the game to collect as many upgrades as possible. And, since both carrying capacity and upgrade slots are going up, there’s a new way to upgrade stats. It’s all thanks to the Milk Molar. These have quickly become the most important new items to farm in Grounded, specifically because they increase your stats. They’re so important, in fact, that you need to be on the lookout for them everywhere they can be found. So, let’s talk about where they’re located.

All Milk Molar Locations in Grounded

Milk Molars are located all throughout the backyard in Grounded. They come in two different varieties: The Milk Molar and the Mega Milk Molar. Each major area has three or so hidden around, but some locations have many more than that.

This list will cover the basic location of every Milk Molar in Grounded. Remember that you can also buy a SCAV upgrade to be alerted when they’re nearby. That way you’ll never miss one while out adventuring. Also, take note: You’ll want to bring an Insect Hammer to break through the outside of the tooth.

Koi Pond

  • MEGA: Head into the Lab and into the 4 battery room.
  • Go through the broken hole in the lab into the dirt tunnel and follow it.
  • MEGA: Near the Bird Pagoda, against the northern bricks.
  • Embedded near the Mosquito wall.


  • In the Northwestern cave way down (wear fins), cut through the vines.
  • MEGA: Head past the T-Rex and open the chest.
  • MEGA: Near the T-Rex chest, covered by vines.
  • In the lab tubes with currents, cut through the vines in the central lab.
  • Next to the Central lab, cut through the vines on top of a log.

Oak Tree

Grounded Milk Molar Locations - Oak Tree

Get some light and a dagger to stay safe in the Oak Tree.

  • MEGA: Destroy the rock in the first Wolf Spider room.
  • Behind the Wolf Spider outside of the tree (west side)
  • Under the Welp can near the Koi pond
  • Side of the pond, near the stone brick wall. Near a Webweaver spawn.


  • Head past the retaining wall, against the wall. It’s in a puddle near the wall, on a leaf.
  • MEGA: On top of the Jolly Cola can in the northwest.
  • Red Ant Hill; just go straight from the entrance.
  • Wolf Spider Den under the plank of wood. It’ll be next to the spider.
  • MEGA: The Acorn Cave. Bring tools to destroy rocks. Head right at the field station and cut your way through.

The Hedge

  • MEGA: Northern part, right along the wall. Follow it east
  • Orbweaver den, inside of hedge. Inside of the broken container.
  • MEGA: Climb up the tree. Next to the broken lab tubes.
  • Inside of the highest part of the lab. Jump through the broken part of lab, and climb it to Maroon door. Inside of that room.
  • MEGA: On top of Birdbath.
  • Southeast of the map, right in the corner.
  • Head along white wall, bounce up the wire to the pluge.
  • Go right of the Field Station and climb onto the Juicebox.

The Deck/Haze Area

The Deck

The new stuff on the west side of the backyard! The Haze is to the west, and the Deck is the south rectangle.

  • Right next to the Eastern Deck Wolf Spider
  • MEGA: Southeast Haze area. Go into small pit near a rake.
  • Head into canyon east of the Weedkiller.
  • MEGA: Head left of the Field Station in the deep ravine.
  • Far Northwest of the Haze area. Long canyon. Head to the end of it.

Trash Heap

Grounded Milk Molar Locations - Trash Heap

  • MEGA: Follow trashbags towards the house. Head between the trash backs and swim under the bags. Head inside the bent can.
  • Behind the Yoked Girth superhero plastic box.
  • MEGA: Climb the Knife Ramp and head to the back of the trash pile. In between a juice box and a bent soda can.
  • Climb onto the backmost plastic knife and climb on top of the can. Follow the stick outside, climb the massive trashbag. Climb the shovel to the top of the trash can. Inside of the blue cup.

Black Ant Hill

Black Ant Hill

Complete the lab first! You may find some of these while doing the lab mission for the Black Ant Hill.

  • Head straight through the main entrance. Keep straight until you make a right. Head through the right past the “B” door. Milk Molar 1 is past the vines; keep hugging the right wall and blast a rock.
  • After 1, head into door B by taking a left outside of the Milk Molar’s hiding spot.
  • MEGA: At the fork in the road, take a left instead of a right. Head into the B lab door. Destroy the left rock. Head straight to the back, and climb the dirt path.
  • MEGA: Right in front of the the Assistant Manager boss room, head to the right corner.

The Sandbox Milk Molars

Grounded Milk Molar Locations - Sandbox

  • Open the lab. Wait until it is 3:30 PM. Dig up the key that the Shovel shows you the location of. Use the key on the castle’s treasure, which is on the back-left of the building.
  • On top of the tall tower in the center of the castle.
  • MEGA: Inside of the white flower pot, near the cacti.
  • MEGA: Defeat the center-right Antlion. Harvest remains, and travel down its tunnel.
  • Climb up the Blue Shovel and head towards the house. If you see the Roly-Poly, drop down and head away from the house. It’s next to the sandbox.
  • MEGA: Head to the broken pipe Northeast of the Sandbox. Swim north. Cut soggy roots on the way. Go to the right at the first fork.

The Picnic Table

Before you get to the table, make sure you get the key! It’s in a pipe south of the table, between the sandbox and the table. Go down a crack in the western side of it.

  • MEGA: Tip over the eastern shovel with explosives. Past Lunchbox, head across spork. Climb nails. Climb books. Hit the button with an Insect Hammer to climb on the very top. Head inside the maze. Left, Right, left. Open the treasure chest.
  • Jump inside of the yellow lunch box.
  • MEGA: Northern beam. Defended by a bee hive.

What Do Milk Molars Do?

You can cash Milk Molars into BURG.L, just like you would with any normal BURG.L chip, to “pump me up with some Milk Molars.” You can spend normal Molars to improve your character’s base stats, and Mega Molars to benefit your entire group. Make sure to get all of them! Health, Stamina, Thirst, Hunger, Active Mutations, Arrow Cap, Item Cap, and Consumable Cap can all be increased by spending Milk Molars.