Grounded Oven | How to Unlock

The new Shroom and Doom update for Grounded has officially landed. With it comes new building materials, pets, the game’s first boss, and new crafting structures. One such in particular is the oven that you can craft to increase the quality of your resources through its smelting process. However, in order to obtain the oven, you’re going to need to do some running around. If you need a hand, our guide will help you out.

How to Unlock the Oven in Grounded

How to unlock the oven in Grounded - Haze Lab chip location

To get the oven in Grounded, you have to explore the recently opened Haze Lab. With a gas mask equipped, make your way to the south part of the map where the Haze Lab is located. The BURG.L chip used to unlock the oven is found toward the end, but you’ll have to combat some bots and fungus first.

The TAYZ.T and ARC.R bots possess electricity that they can strike you with. They’re not difficult to defeat, so whacking them out of the way should be easy to do. Next, you’re going to walk through some doors that lead to a field of poisonous fungi with some dreadful water at your feet. Go for a dive and swim your way to the next pair of doors. Upon a hexagonal-shaped table lies the BURG.L chip needed for the upgrade. Once you have it, it’s time head to back to the friendly robot at the Oak Lab.

BURG.L will insert the chip, and the Advanced Production Buildings module will become available. Purchase this for 4,000 Raw Science, and the option to craft the oven will be yours. Once you’re ready to go back to base, keep in mind to pick some extra resources in case you run sort for the oven’s ingredients.

Essential Ingredients

Crafting the oven requires 10 Clay, 1 Charcoal Chunk, and 4 Boiling Glands. Clay can be found near bodies of water, Charcoal Chunk is located at the barbeque location, and Boiling Glands are only obtained through mustered through defeating Bombardier Beetles.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful in your journey to upgrade your shrunken warrior. Be sure to make good use of the new materials and options in this big update for Obsidian’s survival game.

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