Grounded Pond Moss | How to Get

Because Grounded is a survival game, gathering resources is essential. Some of which you need to get by the masses, especially if you’re planning on doing something big, such as building your base. Harvesting all of these resources can be a drag, but we’d take it over resources like Pond Moss, which you only need a small amount of but can be extremely difficult to obtain. Nonetheless, if you need Pond Moss to craft the Sour Staff or a specific piece of armor, this guide will show you how to get it.

How to Get Pond Moss in Grounded

How to Get Pond Moss in Grounded

You can only harvest Pond Moss in Grounded with a tier-three dagger. This wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that the only tier-three dagger in the game is the Black Widow Dagger. Which, you guessed it, you need to kill Black Widows to get.

That’s why Pond Moss is one of the most difficult resources to obtain in the game. But if you’re persistent, here’s how to obtain the Black Widow Dagger and, with it, Pond Moss.

You will need one Black Widow Fang, three Lint Rope, and four Super Spider Venom to make the Black Widow Dagger. Two of these items, the fang, and venom, you can only get by killing Black Widows.

Unfortunately, these are not just the toughest spiders in the game but also one of the rarest. In Grounded, there are only four spawn points for the Black Widow. They can be found in the cave beneath the Car Battery, the cave beneath the Toolbox, in the pile of stones in the Moldorc Highlands, and lastly right near the Shed Base, beneath the Shed.

So, it will take a good amount of time to first find Black Widows. Then you have to kill them and hope they drop the necessary parts, which can take up to 3-4 Black Widows before you get the Black Widow Fang and four Super Spider Venom. But once you have that and your three Lint Ropes, you can proceed to make the Black Widow Dagger.

Now head to the circular pond in the far right corner of the map. You can find Pond Moss at the bottom of the water that surrounds the middle island. So just jump in, swim to the bottom, and start looking until you find some. Then simply harvest it with your tier three Black Widow Dagger.

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