Grounded Sandbox Location | How to Get Inside

The new areas in Grounded, introduced in the Hot and Hazy update, can be kind of hard to get to. The Sandbox and the Picnic Table are both somewhat tall. They require a lot of effort – or good planning – to enter for your first time. And that’s not even mentioning how hard it’ll be to get in there continuously, which you’ll have to do! So, let’s start with the pits. How do we get into the Sandbox following the Grounded Hot and Hazy update?

How to Get Into the Sandbox in Grounded

Grounded Sandbox

There are a few ways to enter the Sandbox in Grounded, though they will all take some major effort. The first way to enter the sandbox is through the Black Anthill, which will end in the Sandbox if you get all the way through. You can also make a Zipline from the top of the Picnic table to the Sandbox, which will take 12 Silk Rope. The final way is to physically build on top of the Sandbox, which will take a ton of resources and is not recommended.

The Black Anthill is located near the trashbags, and have an entryway in the Sandbox as well. If you follow the curves from the Trash area and head north, then you’ll eventually find the exit that leaves you in the pit. This will require a lot of preparation, since the trash anthill is in poisonous areas.

The Zipline from the picnic table is probably the easiest path. You can climb onto the picnic table by knocking over the nearby shovel (southeast of the table). Then, once you climb to the top of the table, you can build a zipline with 12 Silk Rope. This’ll bring you right to the edge of the newest area.

Finally, you can build to the top. We recommend starting at the southmost portion of the area if you want to do this. Climb on top of either a trashbag or another object and build ramps until you can get onto the ledge. This’ll take many different resources; probably 20-30 ramps and as many bridges.

And you’ll want to get in the sandbox; there are six Milk Molars in there!