Grounded Sizzle Protection | How to Get

Some areas of Grounded, such as the Sandbox, can only be explored at night. Try during the day, and you’ll sizzle up quickly in the hot sand. The same can be said for getting the charcoal from the BBQ spill. However, its ashes continue to burn all night. So you’ll need Sizzle Protection if you want to explore the Sandbox during the day or farm charcoals from the barbeque. And there are only a couple of ways to get Sizzle Protection in Grounded, and we’ll outline them all in this guide.

How to Get Sizzle Protection in Grounded

How to Get Sizzle Protection in Grounded

To get Sizzle Protection in Grounded, you’ll need the Antlion Armor. Each piece of this armor has the Sizzle Protection effect that increases your sizzle resistance. However, to get this armor, you’ll need to reach Brainpower Level 11 and analyze Antlion Parts. These you’ll get from killing Antlions, whose base tunnels below the Sandbox. However, you won’t take any sizzle damage in their tunnels below. So you can safely farm Antlions for their parts until you’ve got enough for the full Antlion Armor set.

The other way to get Sizzle Protection is from the Fresh Defense Mutation. Which you get from eating Mint Shards. Eating one mint shard will give you a 25% Sizzle Reduction. Eating 5 Mint Shards will give you phase two of the Fresh Defense Mutation, which is 50% Sizzle Reduction. Lastly, for phase three you need to eat 10 Mint Shards, which will give you a 75% Sizzle Reduction. Increasing your overall Sizzle Protection.

You can find Mint Shards from breaking the Mints in the Ice Cap Mints container, right next to the Mystery Machine. You can also get Mint Shards from exploring the Red Ant Hill. There are numerous Mint Shards that constantly respawn in their tunnels, so this is an excellent way to ensure a constant supply.

Combine both the Antlion Armor with the Fresh Defense Mutation, and you’ll have maximum Sizzle Protection. Now you can safely explore the Sandbox and farm the charcoals from the BBQ Spill, without the worry of sizzling to a crisp!

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