Grounded Sour Wormholes | Where to Find

The introduction of the Sour Wormhole also brings about a new type of candy to explore in Grounded. With the inception of the new and improved 1.0 features, players have a wide variety of resources to experiment with. And the Sour Wormhole is a solid tier 3 material that can help with assembling strong items. Here’s where you can find Sour Wormholes and the Sour Lumps that they drop when broken.

Where to Find Sour Wormholes in Grounded

Grounded 1.0 Where to Find Sour Wormholes

Sour Wormholes are located across the upper portions of the backyard in Grounded. They’re mainly found in the Moldorc Highlands, Shed Surroundings, and Upper Grasslands areas. You might find a good chunk of them right by their candy container, a vibrant purple rocket ship with green lettering. The candy itself appears as a green node with a swirl. Bust these with a Black Ox hammer to receive four pieces of Sour Lump.

With your new Sour Lumps, you can begin toying with the resource to craft together a few different objects. Firstly, attend to a base with an available Oven to start some cooking. A Sour Glob is assembled via two Sour Lump and one Sturdy Whetstone. For the Sour Jewel, throw in two Sour Lump, one Twinkling Shell, and one Supreme Whetstone for a couple of new useful materials.

Secondly, you can create Sour Arrows to add a bit of tasteful sting for your buggy opponents. Through your handiwork, you can construct five Sour Arrows by crafting five Feather Arrows and one Sour Lump. Finally, the new utility “O.R.C. Disruption Bomb” is made up of two Sour Lumps, two O.R.C. Receivers, and two Tough Gunk. It’s an EMP device that acts as a trap against both insects and O.R.C. creatures from Director Schmector.

If you choose to eat the candy instead of assessing its properties, you’ll merely regain a small portion of your health. It’s best to use it for fresh materials and arrows, especially since it’s a tier 3 resource that employs late-gate importance. Just be vigilant when walking into dangerous territory.

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