Grounded Spicy Coaltana | How to Get

The full release of Grounded brought a lot of awesome new weapons to the game. But even so, the Spicy Coaltana continues to be one of the coolest-looking ones. And when it glows at night, it looks even cooler. This two-handed, tier-three sword deals spicy damage in addition to having a damage rating of 4.5 and a speed rating of 3.5. Therefore, there are numerous reasons why the Spicy Coaltana should be your weapon of choice in Grounded. So, read on if you want this sword, because this guide will show you exactly how to get it!

How to Get the Spicy Coaltana in Grounded

How to Get the Spicy Coaltana in Grounded

To get the Spicy Coaltana in Grounded, you need to craft it at the workbench with two Spicy Globs, five EverChar Coal Chunks, and 10 Tough Gunk. These components aren’t the easiest to get, and surely will require some extra steps and preparation. But nonetheless, let’s get started on how to get these resources.

First, you will need two Spicy Globs. You can get the Spicy Glob recipe by purchasing “Advanced Smithing: Flavored Globs” from BURG.L for 2,500 Raw Science. But in order to unlock and buy this from BURG.L, you’ll need the Sandbox BURG.L chip, which you get by finishing the Sandbox Lab Outpost. To do this, you must defeat the mini-boss, and afterward, the chip will be hidden behind the shovel. Bring it back to BURG.L, buy the Flavored Globs recipe, and you’ll have the Spicy Globs recipe, which is two Spicy Shards and one Sturdy Whetstone in your Oven.

Now that you got your Spicy Globs, you can move on to getting five Everchar Coal Chunks. You can only get these by breaking Charcoal, with a tier two Insect Hammer, at the BBQ spill. This will require some sizzle protection, which you can get from wearing Antlion armor. Or, you can build up and onto the rocks, right where the BBQ is tipped over. Here you can find two Charcoal and won’t get the sizzle effect.

The last resource you need is 10 Tough Gunk. Which you can get by killing a variety of insects that will drop it upon death. Those insects are the Black Ox Bettle, Green Shield Bug, Ladybird, Ladybird Larva, Roly Poly, Termite, or Termite Soldier. Then, once you have your 10 Tough Gunk, along with two Spicy Globs and five EverChar Coal Chunks you can craft the Spicy Coaltana at the crafting station.

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