Grounded Stepping Stone Summit Marker Location

To better survive the world of Grounded, you’ll need to establish several map markers. These reference points highlight the game’s biggest areas of interest, and they’re all tied into various Explorer quests. This guide will explain where to find the Stepping Stone Summit location in order to place a marker and complete the Explorer quest.

Grounded | Stepping Stone Summit Marker Location

Grounded Stepping Stone Summit marker location map

The Stepping Stone Summit marker location in Grounded is found on the far northwest side of the map. It’s sitting atop a cluster of rocks near a wooden picnic table. Use the leaves to climb to the top of the rocks, and you’ll spot the marker overlooking the nearby sprinkler.

Stepping Stone Summit is easier to find if you look for actual stepping stones. It’s located in the backyard of a house situated between several other buildings, including what looks like a wooden tool shed. The area is fenced-in, and there’s a picnic table near the western fence.

The location you’re looking for is in the middle of a puddle of mud. The rock cluster is directly adjacent to the stepping stones used to cross the puddle. Between the rocks you’ll find a curled leaf you can jump up to reach the summit of the rock pile. Follow the path up until you reach the top. You’ll see the marker location overlooking the sprinkler to the east and a landscape light to the south.

Don’t forget to bring two Plant Fiber, two Sprigs, and one Clover Leaf to craft the actual marker. Once it’s been placed, you’ll be given the option to customize the marker color and icon to your liking. You’ll also be given some Raw Science for your trouble.

The Stepping Stone Summit marker location in Grounded is close to the map’s farthest western reaches. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find if you keep an eye out for literal stepping stones. For more helpful tips, be sure to check out some of our other Grounded game guides: