Grounded Stink Bugs | How to Kill

In Grounded, there are a variety of bugs, insects, and arachnids out to get you. That’s because they’re looking for their next meal, and if you’re not careful, it will be you. Regardless, if you want to progress to the later stages of Grounded and obtain some of the best items and gear, you’ll eventually have to take on all of these nasty creepy crawlers. Stink bugs are among the first you’ll encounter. If you’re having difficulties killing them, this article will show you how, so keep reading to find out!

How to Kill Stink Bugs in Grounded

How to Kill Stink Bugs in Grounded

Most players have found the Ant Club, combined with Acorn armor the easiest combo for killing Stink Bugs in Grounded. Obviously, a Gas Mask will help against the poisonous gas Stink Bugs release, but unfortunately, to craft it you need parts from a Stink Bug itself. So until you’ve made that, you’ll have to dance around this toxic AoE attack. However, If the gas is simply too difficult to battle, there is another approach to kill these insects that, while slower, is considerably easier and puts you out of harm’s way.

That method is the slow and steady approach of using a bow and arrow. Though this may take much longer, there is one advantage: stabbing damage. The stabbing damage inflicted by arrows is Stink Bug’s weakness. Aside from arrows, the Bone Trident, Mosquito Needle, and Pebblet Spear are a few more weapons that deal stabbing damage. The first two are difficult to get early on, so we suggest going with the Pebblet Spear as it’s the easiest to acquire at the stage you’ll be fighting Stink Bugs.

If you need help finding Stink Bugs, you can turn to this guide for their whereabouts. This will save you tons of time rather than aimlessly running around and hoping you cross paths with the stinky crawlers. Then it will just be a matter of mastering the fighting tactics before you’re successfully killing Stink Bugs every time. Strafing helps a lot with taking on Stink Bugs, so don’t get greedy and try to get another hit in; it’s almost always better to circle back and re-approach the fight.

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