Grounded Sturdy Quartzite | How to Get

Grounded is teeming with creepy crawlers that are out to get you. In fact, you’ll have to fight almost every time you leave your base. With this being the case so often, your weapon’s durability will begin to deplete rather quickly. And if you don’t want to say goodbye to your favorite weapon just yet, you’ll need to repair it with Sturdy Whetstones. In order to get that resource, you’ll first need Sturdy Quartzite. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to get your hands on Sturdy Quartzite. So, continue reading to find out!

How to Get Sturdy Quartzite in Grounded

How to Get Sturdy Quartzite in Grounded

You get Sturdy Quartzite in Grounded from Cool Stones of Toughness. It’s good to note, however, that Cool Stones of Toughness have specific spawn locations and do not respawn. This makes them a highly valuable resource. You’ll also need a Tier-2 Insect Hammer to break the Cool Stones. Once you’ve got that, here’s where you can find all the Cool Stones of Toughness to get Sturdy Quartzite.

You can find one Cool Stones of Toughness in the gardening glove, the cactus pot, one of the sandcastle’s towers, and two can be found under the shed’s porch; however, be careful, as wolf spiders can spawn here. Your best bet at getting Cool Stones of Toughness is in the Termite Den. Six of them spawn there and if you want them, you’ll have to equip yourself for battle because the Termite Den can be a treacherous place.

Players have also noted finding the resource near the Red Anthill and in the Antlion Burrow in the Sandbox. But, regardless of where you go to harvest these stones for Sturdy Quartzite, expect a fight. They are, after all, a highly valuable resource that does not respawn. Meaning, they’re designed to be difficult to obtain, but the effort is made all the more worthwhile knowing you get to repair and keep your favorite weapon.

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