Grounded Survey Station | How to Use Surveyors

The Into the Wood update for Obsidian’s survival game Grounded has released out of the Public Test Server and is now available for all players. With this updates comes a lot of new areas and features to explore in the big Backyard world. One of the most interesting new features is the Resource Survey Station. These are new to the Field Stations scattered across the game world, and we’ll help you understand how to use them to find specific resources.

How to Use Survey Stations in Grounded

How to Use the Survey Stations in Grounded
Image Credit: Chillax24 via Fandom Grounded Wiki

Within the various, glass-dome Field Stations across the map, you could analyze materials to gain Raw Science as well as Brainpower to unlock new recipes. With update 0.12.0, these Field Stations gain a new piece of equipment, the Resource Surveyor. It is important to note the Surveyor is not available right away like the Analyzer. You must beat the Hedge Lab before the Surveyors become usable.

With the Hedge Lab completed, you’re free to use Surveyors at any Field Station. It is actually in your best interest to find as many Field Stations as possible. The more you’ve discovered, the longer the scan range becomes on each station’s Resource Surveyor.

To survey for a resource, select one from the list of which you’ve already analyzed, and the surveyor will scan for that resource. If the scanner finds that resource, it will show as an orange or red square on the map. You can place a waypoint to the highlighted area to begin hunting for that resource. This is also where the advantage of discovering multiple Field Stations comes in. When you select one, it will scan across all Field Stations and reveal resource concentrations in those other scan areas.

Some common items, like Dew Drops, only need to have been found to be scanned for. Just as well, if what you’re looking for is looted from a creature, it will ping the creatures you can harvest it from.

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