Grounded Toenail Locations | Where to Find

Despite being rather gross to some folks, Toenails in Grounded are actually important. They’re mainly used as a late-game ingredient for a story item, and it’s used in the powerful Toenail Scimitar recipe. Since the resource deals with endgame content, players might stumble upon these at a later time. However, you can obtain nail clippings whenever you’re ready to venture out into the Upper Yard. There are a few locations to mention, so be sure you have your map markers set for exploration.

Where to Find Toenails in Grounded

Where to Find Toenails in Grounded

Toenails are a tier-3 resource that can only be used for the Embiggening Cocktail and the Toenail Scimitar. It’s a new addition that acts as an aspect of Grounded 1.0. Since they’re meant to be discovered at a much later time, early looting of the material in question could lead to trouble with some deadly insects. Therefore, have your best gear equipped and smoothies stacked before you go out into the tiny-yet-gigantic world. Also, you’ll need a tier-3 busting tool in order to mine the natural resource.

There are three primary locations where you can get Toenails in the game, and none of them will be near any boot-up areas. Here are the Toenail locations for you to refer to:

Dirty Ashtray

Probably the safest area to reach since no bugs are in sight when approaching the Dirty Ashtray. In front of the shack and above the rested red bicycle will be a little table containing a pipe, a radio, a notebook, and the ashtray itself. Climb onto the nail clipper sitting right next to the tray then jump right in. Four Toenails will be right inside. Why someone would put Toenails in an ashtray is beyond our comprehension.

White Pipe

You can obtain a few more Toenails by checking out the fallen white pipe in the Upper Yard. It’ll be close to the southern wall that blocks off general access between the main Backyard and the upper portions. Search for a small field of red and brown mushrooms – the pipe will be amongst them. It’ll be a broken piece of material, but the desired Toenails will be sitting right inside for you to break and scoop.

Tree Stumps

Northeast of the Upper Yard will house tree stumps that players can climb on top of. For this location, we’ll need to make our way to a high stump until we can look down and point out a Toenail. You’ll have to reach a proper high ground when navigating these broken trunks, which we recommend approaching with caution in case you don’t have a Dandelion Tuft on you. It might be hard to spot so use your PEEPing mechanic to try and get a closer look at any nail sightings. It’s best to do this one during the day, the nails have a way of blending in with the bark.

Of course, there are other Toenails that you can find in the Upper Yard, but these three locations will guarantee you this unique resource. And keep in mind, only one Toenail can be extracted from its detestable node; it’s in your best interest to collect as many as you can before returning to base.

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