Grounded Toxicology Badge | Where to Find

Aside from the creepy crawlers, there are a variety of other things in Grounded that can kill you. You could succumb to hot sand, poisonous gas, or even just drown in a puddle. So, if you don’t want your journey to be derailed by environmental effects, you’ll need the Toxicology badge. When equipped, this trinket grants resistances to both gas and dust, allowing you to adventure safely. Here’s how to get one for yourself.

Where to Find the Toxicology Badge in Grounded

Where to Find the Toxicology Badge in Grounded

The Toxicology Badge in Grounded is located in the depths of the Pond Lab. You’ll need Bubble Helmet to hold your breath long enough to reach the Lab. To make the Bubble Helmet, you will need four Eelgrass Strands, five Sunken Bones, and four Silk Ropes.

Once you’ve equipped your Bubble Helmet, you’re free to go find the Toxicology Badge. To begin, locate the Armed Rasberry Punch-O Juicebox on the Pond’s edge. Jump into the pond from here and swim straight down until you see air bubbles coming from the underwater pipes. You can get more oxygen by swimming into these air bubbles.

Follow the pipes until you find one that coils down deeper into an underwater hole. You’ll know it’s the right pipe because the underwater T-Rex is just below the hole it enters. Swim past the T-Rex to the air vents with lights on top. Then you can ride these air vents all the way to the Pond Lab.

You’ll know you’ve arrived at the Pond Lab when the underwater tunnel opens up, revealing a variety of debris and areas to explore. Stick to the right and you’ll see another lit-up air vent next to the Pond Lab entrance opening. Swim past this air vent and the Pond Lab entrance to the air vent that’s behind it. It’s attached to the wall next to some underwater lights and sort of hiding behind the broken Pond Lab debris below it. This is where you can find the Toxicology Badge.

Swim down to the broken-off Pond Lab below and you’ll see a red light. To the left of the red light is an entrance to the tunnel which you’ll want to swim into. Inside, follow the tunnel back to the hidden air vent and underwater lights. You’ll come across an area that is blocked off by dirt, but resting within it will be a skeleton. Interact with the Skeleton and he’ll have the Toxicology badge on him.

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