Grounded Wizard Hat | How to Get

Grounded added a lot of new and exciting content to the game for its 1.0 release. Some of the best additions are the new weapons and armor, with the highlight undoubtedly being the new Staffs for playing as a miniature mage who can cast spells. If that’s your role within your tiny squad, it would only be appropriate to dress the part as well. And the best way to look like a spell-casting mage is with the Wizard Hat. Which we’ll show you how to get in this guide, so keep reading to find out!

How to Get Wizard Hat in Grounded

How to Get Wizard Hat in Grounded

To get the Wizard Hat in Grounded, you’ll need to get the Woodpile BURG.L Chip in the Termite Den. The Termite Den is found in the back left of the map, built inside the log pile to the left of the shed. The Woodpile BURG.L Chip is hidden deep in the top of the den, and is safeguarded by the Termite King. You’ll need his parts to make the Wizard Hat later on, so sadly you can’t just do a quick in-and-out mission. The only way is to take on the fight and defeat the Termite King.

Once you’ve defeated the Termite King and collected the Woodpile BURG.L Chip, return it to BURG.L in the Oak Lab. The Chip will then give you four unlocks, one of them being the Wizard Hat, which cost 2,500 Raw Science Points. Once you’ve unlocked the Wizard Hat, you’ll then need to craft it at the workbench. It will take three Crow Feather Pieces, 10 Berry Leather, and four Termite King Carapace to craft. So let’s hope you didn’t skip out on the fight.

Now you can truly play the part of a spell-casting mage with the Wizard Hat as part of your wardrobe. But it doesn’t just look cool, it also has effects when combined with the Candy Staff to deal more damage and increase your block window. So if you’re rocking the Wizard Hat, best pair it with the Candy Staff for the best setup. But we don’t blame you if you just want it because it looks cool!

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