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Dial Phone Numbers GTA

The world of Los Santos has all of the luxuries that a modern-day city has in Grand Theft Auto 5. You can stage bank heists, go golfing, and even use modern day technology! Pretty sick, right? Well, Rockstar didn’t exactly make it easy to use this technology, for some reason. If you want to dial phone numbers in GTA 5, you’re going to need to jump through a few more hoops than just popping open a menu and using your phone. That’d be too easy! Here’s how you do it.

How to Dial Phone Numbers in GTA 5

Dial Phone Numbers GTA

In order to dial phone numbers in GTA 5, you first need to bring out your phone. If you’re using a controller, this is up on the D-pad, but on Keyboard it is either Arrow Key Up, Mouse Wheel Up, T, or “Backspace” depending on your controls. Once your phone is out, you can hit “Spacebar” to open your contacts, or navigate the menus by using the D-pad for controllers. Then, select the contact that you’d like to call and the game will call them for you.

Thank goodness you do not need to dial numbers manually! This will let your progress quests, get some character backstory, or just have someone yell at you for calling them. Fun all around!

This is also how it works in GTA Online, although players have a somewhat different list of contacts in that list.

You can also use the phone in order to bank your cash and buy stocks. Head to the website “” on your phone to make transactions. This also works if you are Michael in GTA 5. Franklin uses “” and Trevor uses “” as their banking apps of choice.

There are plenty of other choices to use your phone with, such as the “Snapmatic” camera app or finding your Job List. You can also text and email through this app, though this is also mostly automated.

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