GTA 5 | How to Stop The Train

Exploring the vast open world of GTA 5 is an experience like no other. You’ve got almost total control of the expansive Los Santos playground, doing pretty much whatever you want. There is one slight sticking point for hardcore players, though: the high-speed train that shoots around the Mount Chilliad region. As with everything, GTA players only want one thing: to stop it in its tracks. Here’s how to bring it to a halt once and for all.

How to Stop The Train in GTA 5

How to Stop The Train in GTA 5

To put it simply, it’s nearly impossible to stop the train in GTA 5. No matter how many obstacles you put in front of it, or how many missiles you send its way, that locomotive will keep chugging along. As such, stopping the train has become one of the biggest, most elusive myths in the GTA 5 community.

Yes, a quick search on YouTube will reveal reams upon reams of creators doing anything they can to stop the train. It ranges from shooting homing missiles, killing the driver, and even clogging the rail tunnel with buses. However, in all those scenarios the train will continue on its trajectory. The closest you can come to stopping it is causing a few dropped frames when there’s too much on-screen chaos as the train approaches.

The only time the train ever stops in GTA 5 is in a story mission. When Trevor is kidnapped by lumberjacks up in the mountains, you play as Franklin to get him back. One of the mission’s objectives is to stop the train, which you do by setting sticky explosives and detonating them. However, that’s part of an enforced story scenario, and doesn’t then work in sandbox mode. As such, while the train technically does stop at one point in GTA 5, it’s in a very scripted set piece.

Therefore, the myth of stopping the GTA 5 train will likely continue for years to come. While it seems impossible to stop it in its tracks, players will no doubt keep trying.