GTA 5 | How to Swim Upward and Dive

If you ever find yourself stuck in the sea in GTA 5, you know how stressful it can be getting out. The swimming mechanic requires you to constantly spam buttons, and when sharks can bite you right out of the water, that’s no good. As such, it’s important to know how to swim upward to avoid their clutches, and to dive in case you need to cannon into the water to flee from police. We’re here to give you both of those key details!

How to Swim in GTA 5

GTA 5 swim upward and dive

If you’ve ever played any of GTA 5, the chances are you already know how to swim. It simply involves moving your joystick forward and slamming the action button on your platform of choice. However, learning how to swim up and how to dive are equally important.

In some instances, being able to swim up is the only way to avoid drowning due to a lack of air. If you spend too long underwater, your character will struggle to breathe and ultimately drown. To combat this, you can ascend by swimming up to the surface. To swim upward, hold down on the left thumbstick and repeatedly press the A button on Xbox or X button on PlayStation. PC users will need to hold S and press the left shift button to ascend. This will send you paddling back to the surface.

On the other side of things, you may want to dive down from the surface to flee dangers such as boats or enemies shooting you from land. To do this, simply reverse the process. Hold up on the left thumbstick and then hit A or X depending on your console. For PC, combine the W key and left shift to sink down below.

Therefore, you’ll know exactly how to ascend or descend in the water in GTA 5. It’s a crucial skill to save you from drowning, but also to help you escape any threats that may be lurking on the surface.