GTA 5 Next-Gen Version to Support 60 FPS and Ray-Tracing

Juicy pre-launch details arrived today around the impending next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on March 15, these new versions of Rockstar’s beloved game are focused on performance boosts. That includes better graphical capabilities, three different performance modes, and more behind-the-scenes tweaks. Read on to learn all about the changes featured in GTA 5‘s next-gen release.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Next-Gen Performance Improvements

GTA 5 next-gen

This latest release of Rockstar’s 2013 classic comes with plenty of performance buffs. Front and center is a dedicated 60 frames per second in the Performance Mode, one of the three options in this new port. There’s also Fidelity Mode, which targets 30 FPS but focuses on image resolution. Last is Performance RT mode, going the full way with 4K visuals, 60 FPS, and ray-tracing.

Players will be able to choose any of these modes in the next-gen version of GTA 5. There’s a lot more to this release than just graphics, though, as the game harnesses the processing power of new consoles. There will be more pedestrians and vehicles in Los Santos. That’s alongside quicker loading times, improved lighting, shadows, and water, as well as new explosion effects. Players will be glad to learn that single-player saves will seamlessly transfer across generations, so you can dive back into the story without fiddling.

There are also some new improvements to the ever-popular GTA Online. A new series of races called Hao’s Special Works focuses on vehicle mods, with weekly trials to use high-performance cars. New weapons are on the way too, though Rockstar hasn’t said what they’ll be just yet. Players will soon be able to upload their character into the Rockstar Social Club cloud, to then access it on the next-gen version once it releases. And if you haven’t played for a while, there are plenty of easy ways to make money playing solo, too.

As the game approaches a decade since release, GTA 5 shows no signs of slowing down. This extensive next-gen rework will prolong the game’s life-cycle for years to come.