GTA 5 Online Custom License Plates | How to Make

The range of cars available on GTA 5 Online is extensive, and everybody wants a custom license plate. Just like in real life, custom registrations are a sign of wealth, and you may want one to show off your GTA Online empire. Luckily, it’s a reasonably straightforward process. Join us as well explore how to make your own GTA 5 Online custom license plates.

How to Make Custom License Plates in GTA 5 Online

How to Make Custom License Plates in GTA 5 Online

Interestingly, there’s no way to make your own custom plate within the GTA 5 Online game. Instead, you just have to use an external mobile app. That’s the iFruit app, an official GTA companion app available on iOS and Android devices. The iFruit app will allow you to make custom plates that you can then apply to your car in GTA Online.

The process is fairly simple. Once you’ve downloaded the app, log in to your Rockstar Social Club account. That’ll be linked to your GTA 5 Online character, thus making it possible to add a custom license plate to your in-game car. Next, head to the Los Santos Customs menu within the app. There you’ll find a Plates sub-menu, which is where you’ll make your custom license plate. You can customize the color, design, and text. However, bear in mind that your text will need to be totally unique, not the same as any other player’s. Considering the game is almost a decade old, that could make it hard to snag the plate you want.

Nonetheless, once you’re happy with your custom license plate, confirm it in the app. Then you’ll get a message in the main GTA 5 Online game via text message. It’ll say that your custom plate is now available at Los Santos Customs, so head over there and add it to your vehicle.

Luckily these steps are rather easy. The only sticking point may be the unique plate text, since so many people have made custom plates in the years since the game’s release.