GTA 5 Online Fire Truck | How to Get

If you want to lay waste to rivals in GTA 5 or GTA Online, you’ll want to get your hands on a fire truck. These hulking machines are fairly slow to drive, but can spurt out water from the ultra-powerful hose on top. This has the ability to destroy cars if you batter them for long enough, as well as knocking over players on-foot. This can cause some really hilarious moments, so here’s how to get your hands on a fire truck in GTA 5 Online.

How to Get a Fire Truck in GTA 5 Online

How to Get a Fire Truck in GTA 5 Online

Unfortunately, there’s no way to buy any emergency vehicle in GTA 5 Online. Luckily, there are still a bunch of ways to get yourself behind the wheel of them. As this is Grand Theft Auto after all, you’ll have to break the law to procure one.

The easiest way to get a fire truck in GTA 5 Online is to call the fire department. You can do so by pulling up your in-game phone, heading to contacts, and selecting the emergency services. From there, the operator will ask which service you require. Choose fire, and inn just a few short moments, a fire truck will show up at your location. From there, you can shoot the driver or hijack it by getting close enough, and the fire truck will be yours.

There are a few more organic ways to get one, of course. First, you can set a fire somewhere in Los Santos, to which a fire truck will arrive to tackle. The easiest method is to use a jerry can to light a small fire on the pavement, or to blow up a car. On top of that, you can also just head to the fire station in Los Santos. You’ll find it in Rockford Hills towards the north of Vinewood, where fire trucks are parked, ready for you to hijack.