GTA 5 Online | How to Talk To NPCs

The world of Los Santos in GTA Online is brimming with NPCs to talk to. Of course, most of the time you’ll be finding wacky ways to slaughter them, but occasionally it’s worth having a chat. NPCs within Grand Theft Auto 5‘s open world often come out with some hilarious one-liners, and may even be voiced by some familiar faces. Here’s how to talk to NPCs in GTA 5 and a look at your conversation options in GTA Online.

How to Talk To NPCs in Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5 Online NPCs

To talk to NPCs in GTA 5, simply press right on the D-pad or use the E key on PC. Doing so will trigger a few pre-determined lines of dialogue. There are a finite amount of phrases, so spamming to talk to one NPC will eventually result in you hearing them all. Sadly, you can’t talk to random NPCs in GTA Online.

Otherwise, it’s a very easy process, which only requires just one tap on your controller. In fact, it’s completely the same as talking to NPCs in the base game. The only difference in the single-player is that Michael, Trevor, or Franklin will speak back to them. Often, that comprises a witty retort or straight-up insult. However, since your GTA Online character is totally mute, you sadly don’t get that luxury.

It’s still worth doing though, because some of the Los Santos NPCs may sound familiar. If you manage to get lucky, you’ll actually hear from an NPC voiced by none other than the rapper Tyler, The Creator. Equally, hip-hop fans will also recognize the voice of rapper Danny Brown, who voices one of the Grove Street inhabitants.

Therefore, talking to non-playable characters in GTA 5 Online is very easy to do. Requiring just one click, you’ll always be able to hear what the Los Santos residents have to say. Don’t expect any philosophical thoughts or pearls of wisdom – just some classic GTA vulgarity!