GTA 5 | What Is the Fastest Motorcycle?

Getting the competitive edge is crucial in GTA 5, where driving is so crucial to gameplay. Not only does a fast vehicle help you get between missions faster, but also helps you outrun police and win races. If you want to zip around Los Santos in the most rapid two-wheeler available, then we’ve got you covered. This is the fastest motorcycle in GTA 5.

What Is The Fastest Motorcycle In GTA 5?

What Is The Fastest Motorcycle In GTA 5?

In terms of sheer top speed, the fastest motorcycle in GTA 5 is the Western Reever. With a top speed of 163 mph, it’s a comfortable distance quicker than the other bikes in the game. Its closest competitor is the Deathbike, which is marginally slower with a top speed of 150 mph.

Of course, new vehicles are constantly added to GTA 5 through expansions, meaning in the online component at least, the fastest motorcycle could change with any update. Until then though, it’s the Western Reever that reigns supreme. As you may expect from such an illustrious bike, however, it won’t come easily to players. It was added to the game via the recent Contract expansion, which also saw single-player protagonist Franklin return in the online segment. In fact, you get to use it during one of the missions in htat expansion, but sadly you don’t get to keep it afterwards.

If you want the Western Reever to keep, it’s going to cost you. From the Legendary Motorsport site in-game, it costs $1.9 million to purchase. That may sound like a lot compared to other vehicles in GTA 5, and it even costs more than a lot of properties. As such, it’s likely that only the richest GTA 5 players will have the cash to buy it.

The price is worth it for the speed, though. You won’t lose many races at all with the Western Reever in your garage, and should outpace any pursuers you may have. You’ll zip around Los Santos with ease – just make sure you’ve got the cash to buy it!