GTA Online Acid Lab | How to Get

Just when we think Rockstar is done with Grand Theft Auto 5, we get a new update to GTA Online! Los Santos Drug Wars is a new update to the online service and features new missions, mechanics, and a new goal to build to. The Acid Lab in GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars is your reward for clearing the first story missions. However, in order to get it in the first place, you’ll need to know what missions to clear and where to search. If you are having trouble finding this money-making machine, we have your back!

How to Get the Acid Lab in GTA Online

GTA Online Acid Lab

In order to get the Acid Lab in GTA Online, you will have to complete all six of the First Dose Dax Contact Missions. These missions begin with “Welcome to the Troupe” and end with “Off the Rails.”

For this last mission, you will use a forklift to load crates onto the back of a truck inside of a warehouse and drive it back to the base. Afterward, speak to Mutt and pay the fine to start up the Acid Lab, just like you could run the Motorcycle Club business.

Look to complete the “Off the Rails” mission before you can use the lab. This mission will get you the gear you need. You will know the Acid Lab is ready to set up once you bring the flatbed truck to the Freakshop. This occurs after an open-world section!

With the truck in the Freakshop, it is time to open it for business! Talk with Mutt, the tattooed man with yellow glasses by the truck. He runs the business for you, which costs $750,000 to start… Or nothing, with GTA+. This will also unlock a motorbike for use on delivery missions.

This shop will make money in the background. This is separate from any other drug shop you run. We suggest purchasing the $250,000 upgrade for the shop, since it’ll increase your sales from this business by nearly $100,000 on full shipments.